Maitland Community Men's Shed Committee


President - Charlie Sanders

Vice President - Tom Norton

Secretary - Jeff Dunn

Treasurer - Brian Coggan



Committee Members


Bruce Bailey

 Geoff Pisani

Ken Smith

Mick Oakes

Ted Borradaile

John O'Keefe

Glen O'Brien

Men's Shed Maitland Inc. Board Members

Chairman - Steve O'Brien
Vice Chairman - Glen O'Brien
Treasurer - Brian Coggan
Secretary - Jeff Dunn

Board Members

Geoff Pisani

Ian Wolfgang

John O'Keefe

Gary Grant

Public Officer - Peter Garnham

Maitland Community Men's Office Bearers  2019/20

Project Co-ordinator: Ted Borradaile

Project Officers 

John O'Keefe, Bill Boyd, Mick Oakes, Gary Kirkman and Tom Norton

Membership & Induction: Bruce Bailey

Welfare: Mike Dawson

H&S: Ken Smith

Publicity Officer: Ted Borradaile

IT Officer : Steve O’Brien

BBQ Supervisor: Tom Norton

Gardening: Geoff Pisani

Asset Officer: Delegated to Bob Maber

Social: Delegated to Garry Handsaker

Postal Address

PO Box 138 East Maitland NSW 2323



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